5 Reasons Glycolic Acid is Good for Your Skin

5 Reasons Glycolic Acid is Good for Your Skin

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What is Glycolic Acid, and why is everyone talking about it? Glycolic Acid is an AHA that is made by many plants, but most Glycolic Acid on the market is synthetically made. This product has a myriad of benefits when it comes to skin. A buzz in the beauty world, this trendy skincare ingredient is one that you are going to want to include in your daily regime. Glycolic Acid is a true skin perfector and an excellent solution for a multitude of skin troubles from aging to acne and more. If you have been thinking of jumping onto the Glycolic Acid skincare train, continue reading to learn some of this miracle ingredient’s most significant benefits. I think you will be easily convinced. Let’s get into it.

How Do I Use Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic Acid is present in all kinds of skincare products and comes in many various forms. There are cleansers, toners, serums, and creams on the market, all containing GA. And, we can’t fail to mention the highly sought after medical-grade Glycolic Acid peel. No matter which product you choose, you will reap the benefits of Glycolic Acid, albeit at different levels of concentration.

It’s best to start small, especially if you have sensitive skin. Try a cleanser or toner with a lower concentration first; that way, you can see how your skin reacts to the product. If you like what you see, you can try something a little more substantial, perhaps work your way up to a Glycolic Acid Peel. LASPA has a line of Glycolic Peel products that can be applied safely from the comfort of your own home or by going to a spa for a facial treatment. So if you’re looking for something natural, effective, and easy to use – consider our LASPA Intensive Glycolic Peel (10%) –Consumer series. But, if you are looking for something stronger, it is wise to consult with your skin specialist and LASPA offers a higher concentration (30%) to be applied by a trained skin care professional.

One more note of importance. Always apply a mineral SPF after using a product containing Glycolic Acid. This is critical (especially if you are applying a stronger product or having a peel). Post-treatment, your skin will be vulnerable and sensitive to UV rays. Follow with LASPA SPF30 to protect against sun exposure. And don’t take this lightly. UV rays aren’t only present outside. They can be found in your home too. So be sure to slather on that SPF and wear a hat if you are planning on going outside. 

Now, let’s move on to five reasons why you should give Glycolic Acid a try.

#1 Acne and Acne Scarring

Is Glycolic Acid good for acne? Well, Glycolic Acid has the incredible ability to unclog pores and remove excess oil from the skin. And what causes acne? Clogged pores and oil do! So this one is a no-brainer…if you suffer from acne or acne scarring, you can benefit from the use of products made with Glycolic Acid. Glycolic Acid Peels are proven to improve the appearance of acne and scars. After several applications, you will see your skin start to clear up and appear smoother.

But, what’s so special about Glycolic Acid? Most acne products on the market these days contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic Acid. Both tend to dry out the skin. Glycolic Acid has got the upper hand here because it clears up the skin and is less drying.. Blackheads and whiteheads are no match when it comes to GA. Glycolic Acid is antibacterial, and it’s an antioxidant too, so it kills acne bacteria and the bad stuff that irritates your skin and causes breakouts. Imperfections be-gone! 

#2 It Smooths the Skin

So, you want smoother skin? Glycolic Acid has got your back. This product sheds the surface layer of your skin and, with it, sloughs off flakes, dirt, gunk, and dead skin cells. What’s left behind is a fresh new layer of skin that is smoother and plumper to touch. We combine Glycolic Acid with Hyaluronic Acid which has humectant abilities, which means it brings moisture into your skin and prevents it from drying out. And because Glycolic Acid is the smallest of AHA molecules, it penetrates the skin the easiest. The teeny tiny molecules are the most effective at penetrating your skin and breaking down the glue that holds the top layer of skin cells together. Over time you will notice that your skin is smoother, and you will see a difference in the overall texture of your skin.

#3 It Helps Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is patches or spots on your skin that are darker in colour compared to the surrounding skin. It occurs when your skin produces melanin in excess. This can be a result of multiple things, like acne, hormones, and sun damage. Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin issue, but it’s also straightforward to solve. Glycolic Acid is a great solution for these dark spots because it stops melanin production, keeping those dark spots at bay. Because of GA’s melanin inhibition abilities, Glycolic Peels remain a very effective way to address dark spots and patches. After several peel treatments, you will notice your skin evening out in complexion and watch the dark spots fade. 

Melasma is another form of hyperpigmentation. With Melasma, you will notice grey and brown spots on your skin. Most frequently, they are the result of sun damage or hormones. These dark patches can also benefit immensely from Glycolic Acid and Glycolic Acid Peel treatment options. If you have any form of pigmentation, even sun spots, you can find solace in this AHA. It will bring you that bright, even skin tone that you have always wanted. And a host of other benefits too.

#4 It’s Anti-Aging

It comes as no surprise that a large amount of cult-favourite skincare products contain Glycolic Acid. GA does it all AND helps make you look younger in the process too!  When it comes to aging skin, it needs a little extra love. And boy, does Glycolic Acid have a lot to give. This AHA is an excellent anti-aging agent, one of many Glycolic Acid benefits. Its exfoliating properties reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in younger, fresher, firmer skin. As previously mentioned, you will also see a reduction in any pigmentation and spots with repeated use, which gives your skin a more even-looking appearance, and a radiant glow to boot. So when it comes to anti-aging, Glycolic Acid is your friend. Keep this one in your back pocket and your acid mantle will be very happy! Plus, you’ll be receiving compliments about your youthful glow from the right and left.

#5  Scarring and Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid’s benefits go beyond the face. Did you know that Glycolic Acid is an excellent ingredient to address any scarring or hyperpigmentation? Much like it works on the face, GA gently exfoliates your skin and removes the top layer of the dermis. With each and every use, it will diminish the appearance of the scarred layer of skin by stimulating collagen production. The abundance of collagen present may help diminish the appearance of scarring and marks over time. Many people use Glycolic Acid on the back of their hands, neck or decolletage to encourage skin turnover and fading of scars.  It can also be applied in the comfort of your own home. 

Are There Side Effects?

Naturally derived Glycolic Acid, on the whole, is safe and quite gentle, but reactions are a possibility. It is normal to experience minimal redness after use, but it should not last more than an hour. Some skin types may react with a longer-lasting irritation, so it’s very important to consult with a specialist or conduct a patch test if you are buying a product for at-home use.

If you have sensitive skin, begin with lower concentration products that wash off, like a cleanser. These won’t be as irritating as a peel or toner, which sit on your skin and will help your skin build up a tolerance to the product if you plan on continual use.

Why Glycolic Acid

Whether you are looking to improve your general complexion or remedy a particular skin issue, a Glycolic Acid Peel is your new best friend. Try our 100% Bio-based pure Glycolic Acid. It can help address a multitude of concerns with ease and give you a confident, radiant glow in the process. Just keep in mind that more potent treatments are best applied by a professional, so if you are looking for something more intensive, consult with your dermatologist or skin specialist!