Natural Skincare Facts

Not all Glycolic Acids are created equal


LASPA INTENSIVE PRO-AGING GLYCOLIC ACID PEEL is a highly potent, unique and natural 10% or 30% glycolic formulation that is pleasant to apply and offers superior results. With an optimal pH of 3.5, it effectively and safely removes the dead layer of keratinized cells to speed up cell turnover and reveal a younger, more vitalized skin surface.

Skin feels plump, smooth and moisturized from the first application. Each ingredient has been selectively chosen for superior efficacy and benefit to overall skin health. Particular attention has been given to ECOCERT designated, organic and 100% naturally derived components – better for the delicate microbiome of the skin and the environment.


Skin cell turnover, the constant shedding of dead skin cells (desquamation) and the subsequent replacement with younger cells, is necessary for both skin health and appearance. The purpose of desquamation is to rid the skin of older cells which contain environmental pollutants, microorganisms and damaged protein and replace these dead cells with younger, smoother skin.

As we age the dermal matrix becomes thicker and the rate of cell turnover slows down significantly leaving the typical signs of aging: dullness, dehydration, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Exfoliating peels using Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) have been proven effective in increasing cell turnover and addressing these common signs of aging.


Star Ingredient

GLYCOLIC ACID 30% for Professional Series Line
GLYCOLIC ACID 10% for Consumer Product Line
(100% Naturally Derived)

Glycolic acid is the most studied and effective AHA for use as a cosmetic exfoliant. Its gentle and proven anti-aging properties are suitable for all skin types. Glycolic acid is the smallest of the AHAs and considered the strongest due to its low pka value. Size and strength are relevant because it is the AHA best able to penetrate the top layers of the skin.

Action and Benefits:

  • Dissolves the “glue” that holds the skin cells together in the stratum corneum thus aiding in the sloughing off of the top layer. This exfoliating action leaves a smoother outer layer of plumped up skin cells.
  • Stimulates skin’s natural renewal process, increasing collagen production to improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As an inhibitor of tyrosinase, Glycolic acid can supress melanin production, aid in the removal of hyperpigmentation and brighten skin over time.


Not all Glycolic Acids are created equal

Although Glycolic acid occurs in nature not all Glycolic acid for cosmetic use begins from a natural source. Often it is derived via a chemical process using formaldehyde (a known carcinogen and skin irritant) in which the synthetic end product contains some remaining formaldehyde. Glycolic acid extracted from natural sources such as sugarcane result in mixed quantities of various other organic acids such as lactic, malic and citric yielding a diluted and less effective finished product due their larger molecular size and weaker strength.

LASPA is the first company to use a natural glycolic acid derived via a novel and patent-pending fermentation process. This simple two stage process generates a high purity, potent glycolic acid in the protonated, free acid form available to optimize exfoliation of the dead cell layer.

Not only does this unique fermentation process result in a higher quality, naturally derived Glycolic acid but the process itself is better for the environment with a carbon footprint up to 35% lower than that of synthetic Glycolic acid.

Additional Potent Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid- Superior hydration (ECOCERT Approved)

Known as nature’s Moisture Magnet, Hyaluronic acid’s moisturizing benefits are generated by its ability to attract and hold on to water from the air. A powerful and safe humectant, Hyaluronic acid can hold 500X its weight in water. With age the skin’s natural content of Hyaluronic Acid drops dramatically to half at age 50 of that of someone in their 20’s.

Actions and Benefits

  • Clinically proven to increase collagen synthesis leading to wrinkle reduction and improvement in skin elasticity.
  • Maintains optimum skin hydration by trapping water in deeper layers of the skin.
  • Forms a breathable, moisture-locking shield.
  • Perfect combination effect with Glycolic acid, counteracting any drying effect of the AHA.
Resveratrol -Key Antioxidant (100% Naturally Derived)

Free radicals are formed by normal day to day metabolic processes of the body and by external sources such as exposure to UV radiation, cigarette smoke and environmental stressors. They are extremely reactive substances and can engage in rapid chain reactions generating more free radicals which can lead to inflammatory responses and damage of healthy cells. Antioxidants stabilize free radicals by donating their free electrons thereby neutralizing this destructive cascade.

Resveratrol is one of the most potent of the known antioxidants.

It is a polyphenol naturally occurring in plants such as grape skins, peanuts, mulberry and knotweed. In beauty products, Resveratrol acts as a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. As an anti-inflammatory it allows the skin to repair itself and helps correct visible damage. As an antioxidant it is highly effective in combatting the damaging effect of free radicals that lead to skin aging.

Actions and Benefits

  • Binds to some metal ions preventing free radical formation.
  • Binds to already formed free radicals to neutralize them.
  • Shields the skin from environmental damage.

Resveratrol calms the skin, minimizing the look of redness. Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing dryness and smoothing skin texture.

LASPA INTENSIVE PRO-AGING PEEL is a 100% natural, superior source Glycolic Peel designed specifically for professional use. This product improves skin appearance by using premium ingredients that accelerate skin turnover, improve moisture retention and even out skin tone for a brighter, more youthful complexion.

Caution: If used incorrectly the combination of glycolic acid and retinol applied simultaneously can cause irritation particularly to sensitive skin. Since AHAs cause increased sensitivity to the sun it is important to apply an effective sunscreen such as LASPA 100% Natural Source SPF 30.