A Better Guide to Proper Skin Exfoliation

A Better Guide to Proper Skin Exfoliation

Incorporating regular exfoliation into your skincare routine is something that many people tend to overlook as they do not realize the benefits associated with this important step in delivering healthy and youthful looking skin.  LASPA Glycolic Acid Peel LASPA Naturals, which is 100% naturally derived, provides an easy way to establish good skincare habits by introducing a gentle exfoliant. Used as part of a regular skincare regime, a naturally derived glycolic acid even assists your favourite, natural organic skincare ingredients to better penetrate the skin and glide on smoothly upon application, as the skin texture becomes more even.

Why should you exfoliate with a glycolic acid peel?

1. It helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Whether it’s acne scars or pesky skin blemishes, hyperpigmentation is never wanted. Dark spots (better known as hyperpigmentation) can develop as a result of unprotected sun exposure, acne scarring, or forms of melasma, causing uneven skin tone. As an inhibitor of tyrosinase, glycolic acid can suppress melanin production, aid in the removal of hyperpigmentation and brighten skin. Over time you may start to see these marks become less noticeable and lighter in colour thanks to LASPA’s natural, glycolic acid peel option that helps slough away that dead skin layer.

LASPA Naturals always recommends applying a safe, mineral SPF sunscreen daily to help protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays caused by sun exposure, especially when using a Glycolic Acid Peel Treatment, as skin is more vulnerable after a Glycolic treatment.

2. Keeps pores unblocked and clean.

By skipping the exfoliation step in your skincare regime,   your skin is prone to developing acne and blackheads, leaving pores clogged with bacteria and unwelcomed waste. A natural glycolic acid peel gently sloughs away dry skin and other debris, which can even remain on your skin after cleansing. So, if you exfoliate on a regular basis, you are not giving pores a chance to get clogged up over time.

3. Can help reduce acne.

Regular exfoliation with a naturally-derived glycolic peel treatment provides the action to achieve a smoother outer layer of plumped-up skin cells and helps remove dry skin cells and clear clogged pores.

4. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While the process of exfoliation won’t remove signs of aging, it will help expose more fresh, glowy skin and can help make the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles diminish. LASPA Glycolic Acid Peel is a highly potent, unique and natural 10% glycolic formulation that is pleasant to apply and offers superior results. With an optimal pH of 3.5, it effectively and safely removes the dead layer of keratinized cells to speed up cell turnover and reveal a younger, more vitalized skin surface, delivering a glycolic glow we only could have dreamed about, until now.

5. Improves the efficacy of other skincare products.

If you skip exfoliation in your skincare routine, layers of dead skin cells build up on your complexion over time, causing your skin to look dull and dehydrated.  Not to mention, if you’ve invested in an expensive beauty product such as a natural serum or organic face oil, it won’t really be doing much of anything thanks to the barrier of dead skin cells that have accumulated.  When the top layer of dead and damaged cells is removed, all of your favourite natural skin care products from LASPA can penetrate the skin’s barrier and deliver optimum results.

6. Helps your makeup go on evenly.

Have you ever gone to apply your favourite foundation or concealer to realize it doesn’t quite look smooth and flawless like a second skin but instead looks uneven, bumpy and doesn’t blend easily. Dead skin could be the reason for this. When you regularly exfoliate with a natural glycolic acid peel, your beauty products have a much better chance of making your skin look smooth and even when applied to a clean, fresh and hydrated complexion.

What is skin exfoliation?

Now that we’ve explained why you should create a new skincare habit that includes using LASPA’s naturally derived glycolic acid peel on a regular basis, let’s address the definition of exfoliation and what options to use based on skin types. Regular exfoliation is necessary for maintaining healthy skin that glows because it removes the top layers of dry, dead skin. By not exfoliating on a regular basis, fresh new cells underneath the first layer, do not have an opportunity to be revealed.  Why keep your best assets hidden.

Different Types of skin exfoliation.

There are some more popular and commonly known physical or manual exfoliating options.  For example, a physical exfoliant typically uses some type of granules like salt, sugar, or crushed grains and seeds to help dislodge and scrub away dead skin cells.  These options can often result in skin irritation, causing it to become very dry and stripping the natural moisture barrier. 

Another popular exfoliant is chemical based to help break apart and remove dead skin cells but this often is derived using an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) ingredient that originates from petrochemicals and therefore may have residual formaldehyde (a known carcinogen and skin irritant) in the end product. LASPA’s Glycolic Acid Peel uses a natural glycolic acid derived through a fermentation process that generates a high purity, potent glycolic acid in the protonated, free acid form available for optimized exfoliation of the dead cell layer.

The strength of the acid can be adjusted to create safe, mild, and effective exfoliation for all skin types. LASPA Glycolic Acid Peel is available at 10% for at-home consumer use treatment and 30% at in-spa professional facial treatments conducted by a trained esthetician, following Health Canada guidelines.

Like all skincare products, it’s important to know exactly what type of skin you have and any sensitivities that you should be mindful of before choosing which exfoliant to use. Keep reading to learn exactly how to exfoliate based on your skin type.

The Beauty of glycolic peel for skin exfoliation.

Cell turnover is a natural progression that keeps the healthy appearance of the skin.  As we age, this process slows down, leaving a dull complexion and typical signs of older skin.  LASPA’s Glycolic Acid Peel has been clinically proven to increase the cell turnover rate resulting in firmer, plumper, younger looking skin.

Exfoliation based on your skin type.

If your skin is more on the dry side, chances are it is a bit sensitive and has smaller oil glands, which make the skin thinner and more susceptible to irritation from physical exfoliants. Choosing an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) like LASPA’s Glycolic Acid Peel is a healthy option to help clear away dead skin.  LASPA’s consumer version (which contains 10% glycolic acid) is an overnight treatment kit. The recommendation is to use it 5-7 nights in a row for optimum results and then wait 2-3 weeks before your next treatment.   A unique 2-in-1 formula, it offers glycolic acid for exfoliation and hyaluronic acid for hydration.

When is the Best Time To Exfoliate and How Often?

This is a continuous battle we try to navigate with our skin, especially with fluctuating weather seasons.  Summer tends to make skin produce excess oil and colder, winter temperatures can make skin feel tight, dry and lacklustre.  The best time to exfoliate your skin is when it needs a brightening boost to feel renewed and look refreshed.  AHA’s tend to work better on dryer skin so LASPA’s naturally derived glycolic acid peel is the perfect companion however, no matter what time of year you decide to exfoliate, it is always recommended to use sunscreen daily with SPF benefits to protect your skin from sun exposure.

The final verdict.

Exfoliation is a must no matter what your skin type and including into your regular skincare beauty routine will help stimulate skin’s natural renewal process. There are a number of benefits and results to regularly exfoliating your skin, but the key to success lies in finding the best exfoliant for your skin type.  LASPA’s naturally derived Glycolic Peel Acid is a gentle yet effective formula for all skin types. Always read the directions and patch test an area before applying it to your whole complexion.