A Mineral Sunscreen Solution for Melanin Rich Skin

A Mineral Sunscreen Solution for Melanin Rich Skin

In 2020,George Floyd’s wrongful death brought forth an issue that has repeatedly been neglected by all politicians, industries, and society in general.

Through organizations such as Black Lives Matter and many others, we are reminded that the struggle for equality and justice is still ongoing. Many issues that have plagued the BIPOC community cannot and should not be ignored or neglected anymore. 

The skincare and beauty industry is guilty of this neglect in diversity and inclusion.

George Floyd's Wrongful Death Sparked Protests Across The World.Image Source: Pexels/Mathias P.R.Reding

One of the ongoing issues is a lack of sun care products that are suitable for melanin-rich skin. As a sunscreen company, we know we have a responsibility to bridge this gap in our industry, and develop tinted sunscreens that are truly suitable for our dark-skinned community. 

Developing a streamlined skincare routine with performance-driven products suitable for all skin types and tones is the foundation of our brand LASPA Naturals. In 2017, we started formulating mineral sunscreens with only naturally-derived or certified organic ingredients. The logic is simple, by using only the finest ingredients can we truly provide an option for all individuals regardless of skin type or issue. This became our guiding principle when it comes to product development and formulation and we were determined to lean on the same philosophy when it came to expanding our SPF20 Tinted Matte Sunscreen.

The Challenges

Mineral Sunscreens or Physical Sunscreens are made from Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. They form a barrier between the sun’s rays and the skin. 

Chemical sunscreens get absorbed into the skin, which can cause skin irritation such as itchiness,  redness, and other issues.  Also, many of these same chemicals have been associated with other potential health risks including altering hormone levels in the body.

Mineral Sunscreens Are Better Than Chemical Sunscreens

Since mineral sunscreens sit on top of the skin and don’t get absorbed into the body. Experts agree that mineral sunscreens are the better option for people with sensitive skin, or for those looking for a safer alternative. 

Zinc Oxide Is A Mineral That Is White

The primary ingredient in our mineral sunscreens is Zinc Oxide. Zinc oxide has many benefits. It has been used as a natural antiseptic since ancient times. In sunscreens, it is very effective in blocking out the sun’s rays and is photostable( i.e it resists change when exposed to light).

The main challenge with Zinc Oxide is that it is white. When applied it gives your skin a white cast. In order for our LASPA mineral based sunscreen products to be suitable for darker skin tones, we needed to find a way to eliminate the white cast following application.

Finding Natural Shades Suitable For Sunscreens

Many artificial colors have been banned from inclusion in cosmetics due to their negative potential health effects.  In our effort to find a natural alternative, we needed to find a naturally occurring substance that would yield the color range of ingredients suitable for tinting a natural zinc oxide-based formula. The target ingredient must be naturally derived, and dark enough to cover the whiteness from the Zinc Oxide, as well as be suitable for all skin types. After researching many ingredients the most suitable and natural ingredient that we found is IRON OXIDE.

Iron Oxide Is A Natural Mineral Used For Tinting In The Cosmetic Industry

Iron oxide is both derived from a natural mineral, and easily stabilizes within our unique formula. Adding sufficient iron oxide tinting to achieve the darkest shades is extremely difficult to achieve which is why the new Rich Brown and Deep Umber LASPA SPF20 Tinted Matte Sunscreen is such an industry accomplishment!

Iron Oxide also protects you from HEV. High Energy Visible Light (HEV) that causes skin aging and damage. Sunscreens with iron oxide can help prevent recurrence and reduce pigmentation in patients with melasma.

The Focus Group

As we worked on developing darker shades of our SPF20 Tinted Matte Sunscreen, it was important that we listened to the thoughts of our BIPOC customers. 

Throughout our R&D process, we consulted with a small group of influencers who were able to lead us in the right direction. We want to thank them for taking the time to provide us with such a detailed and honest response. We appreciate their feedback and their enthusiasm truly. Through their incredible effort and honest feedback, we were able to formulate Rich Brown and Dark Umber Tinted Matte Sunscreen products.

LASPA Naturals SPF 20 Tinted Matte Sunscreen Is Available In 5 Shades

We understand that more research needs to be done for our BIPOC community when it comes to sun care. Moving forward, we want to continue to engage with our BIPOC community and have meaningful dialogues centering around inclusion and diversity within our industry. We recognize that we have a long way to go to accomplish the range selection we would like to offer, and our goal is to create natural and organic skincare for any skin type.

We are very excited about this launch. Our 2 news shades, Rich Brown and Deep Umber are now available for pre-order. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!