Celebrate Black History Month with LASPA Naturals – A Message from our Founder

Celebrate Black History Month with LASPA Naturals – A Message from our Founder

Dear Friends and Supporters:

February is Black History Month. 

This month reminds us of the challenges that have been overcome, but are still being faced by people of colour across North America. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how LASPA Naturals is celebrating Black History Month and supporting our BIPOC community with our latest product launch.

The BIPOC Communities & Sun Care

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation Ask the Expert: Is There a Skin Cancer Crisis in People of Color? – The Skin Cancer Foundation, 5 year survival rates of melanoma in black individuals is only 67% compared to the 92% in Caucasians. The reason is likely due to lack of detection at early stages, together with a mistaken belief that sunscreen is less necessary in darker-skinned people. Combine this health statistic with the fact that finding a non-toxic, natural mineral sunscreen that will be palatable on darker skin is pretty much impossible – the result is an unacceptable and dangerous gap in the market.

Sunscreen For Melanin Rich Skin

About 2 years ago, LASPA Naturals set about to formulate a mineral sunscreen with only naturally derived and certified organic ingredients, in dark shades that would be aesthetically pleasing to people of colour and allow them to benefit from using sunscreen without a white cast on a daily basis. The result after much trial and error, and thanks to our BIPOC ​focus group has been the release of our new shade extensions to our existing line: Rich Brown and Deep Umber in our SPF20 product. Both of these darker shades, based on our user group feedback will be able to address in large part the ashiness/whiteness that has created a huge barrier for people of colour to engage in proper sun protection.

Beyond This Month

We are very proud of the difference that we are bringing to the skin care industry by increasing the accessibility of essential skin care products, such as sunscreen to ​our BIPOC community. That said, we recognize that our message and efforts can only be impactful through the participation of our retail partners and influencers. This month, we’ll be featuring Black creators on social and fans of LASPA Naturals will get a chance to sample our SPF20 Tinted Matte Sunscreen in Rich Brown and Deep Umber at our selected retail partners such The Truth Beauty CompanySimply BeautifulThe Detox Market Canada or on our website (enter sample shade request in notes during checkout).

All the best in good health,
Susan Mey