Holiday Gift Guide with The Truth Beauty Company

Holiday Gift Guide with The Truth Beauty Company
LASPA Holiday Gift Guide

Hello, this is Jen from the Truth Beauty Company! I am guest blogging for LASPA Naturals for the month of December and sharing with you all my clean beauty favourites. In need of some awesome recommendations this holiday season? If so, read on!

Grown Alchemist – Purifying Body Exfoliant $42

I am a big lover of exfoliating. Not too often, just often enough to maintain baby soft skin and keep flakes from ever appearing. There is something about the tingly peppermint that I love on my skin. And the ylang ylang scent is heavenly.

The tube makes it perfect for the shower. 

Aether Beauty – Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette $80

At first glance you may not pause on this palette – but I tell you, the colours are beautiful on. They are much more subtle than they appear and the few dark ones do give you the versatility you desire. With all the shades, it is all the eyeshadow you need. The sparkle is also the perfect amount of shimmer; I love how they all look on my 40 year old lids.

Wears beautifully throughout the day and literally feels like butter to the skin. 

Province Apothecary Facial Dry Brush $53

I told you I love exfoliating! Dry brushing lifts off dead skin and reveals the fresh, healthy skin below. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, helping relieve dark circles and general puffiness. Such a simple addition to a skin-care routine that offers maximum long-term benefits! 

The Province Apothecary Dry Brush has a beautiful oak handle and the softest bristles and I feel good about the sourcing of all the components of this tool. Definitely a favourite part of my routine.

Sahajan Toner $41

More like an essence, this toner definitely imparts moisture deep into the skin. The orange, lemon and bilberry extracts gently exfoliate as well, leaving your complexion brighter and smoother. 

The rosewater ties to Sahajan’s Ayruvedic heritage and smells so heavenly. It is a joy to use this product; my skin and my senses love it.

8 Faces Boundless Oil $106

I am also a super fan of balms. There is something about the slippery exchange from my warm hands to my face; balms naturally encourage facial massage because of their texture and the benefits of it are so rewarding. 

8 Faces is unique as far as balms go as the oils and butters are formulated to absorb quickly into the skin, leaving no weight. Plus, the smell of this product is also part of its appeal – it’s so bright and fresh.

LASPA Overnight Glycolic 10% Peel 

There is no denying the results that glycolic acid provides for the skin – it smooths beautifully and I feel like my skin is visibly lifted. There is a definite glow that is imparted to the skin following these treatments. Don’t skip the spa, rather bring it home! 

The New New Age Mushroom Milk $19

Absolutely a favourite indulgence of mine! It is warm and creamy and pairs beautifully with my fave vegan beverage (oat milk). The coconut milk powder base adds to the creaminess and subtle sweetness of this beverage. The benefits of the 6 medical mushrooms is totally a bonus. It nourishes my immune system and provides some mental focus – totally all wins for something that feels decadent and treat-like! 

Woodlot’s Palo Santo Everyday Mist $22

Mother Nature creates the most beautiful things and Woodlot knows how to harness her gifts. This mist is so multi-functional; changes the ambiance of my space, freshens up my hair and feels so beautiful and divine when I mist myself. The scent is calming and romantic – two of my favourite feelings; hence why I just can’t ever get enough of this mist.