Our Story

Our Story

Meet Alison.
Lots of companies talk about their “why”, or their main motivation for going into business, so we wanted to introduce you to ours! She’s the reason we have what we all now know and love as LASPA.

You see, Alison has sensitive skin. More than that, she has allergies. And finding skincare, sunscreen, and many other personal care products was really difficult for a long time. Scouring labels. Learning the chemical names for her allergens. It felt really overwhelming! But what else can you do when it’s the health of your loved one on the line?

Why does it have to be this hard? It really shouldn’t be.

That was the driving reason behind why we started researching different formulations, ingredients, and alternatives to traditional skin care components. It was important to us that any product that we put on the market wouldn’t sacrifice the quality of the protection and nourishment that it offered, while also focusing on the ethics behind how the ingredients are derived, harvested, and tested. If there was nothing on the market that would meet our needs, then we were going to create it. It was a multifactorial mission — but we succeeded!

LASPA products are made in Canada — so you know exactly where the ingredients and the packaging come from! Our products are cruelty-free while also being clinically tested, hypoallergenic, and Health Canada approved — because you don’t need to test on animals to ensure the use of high-quality ingredients that are proven safe and effective. The other thing we’re really proud of is that our products are all biodegradable and reef-safe! A part of keeping our loved ones safe and healthy is making sure that we take care of the planet that they live on. With none of the chemicals found in other products that can be harmful to humans and aquatic life, LASPA offers you an environmentally friendly alternative without sacrificing efficacy, or quality.

Our north star when it comes to product development is, and always has been, to create a product that we would want to use on ourselves and our family. We want to develop products that allow you and your family to take care of your health and wellness in a way that supports your core values of environmental protection, animal advocacy, and above all — clinically tested ingredients that will keep their skin safe, nourished, and healthy.

We’re here to help you relax into a skincare routine that works for you and your whole family. 

From our family to yours…

The LASPA Team